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Our team developed and fine tuned every aspect of this technology at our laboratory and pilot plant in Vancouver, BC. The Poly-ALLTM process applies modern sugar conditioning techniques, continuous catalytic hydrogenation and unique xylitol separation tools, resulting in the highest yields of xylitol and other valuable bioproducts. The process has been specifically designed to integrate into complex biorefinery settings such as pulp mills to create high-value products from underutilized process streams. 

The Poly-ALLTM process extracts hemicellulosic sugars from plant matter using hot water – avoiding toxic and expensive solvents . Plant extract is carefully purified, removing lignin and other impurities, then catalytically converted into sugar alcohols (alditols) in a continuous trickle bed hydrogenation reaction system. A mixture of alditols are further refined into pure, food-grade xylitol crystals and other non-sugar sweeteners. Residual alditols are further converted into bio-glycols and other biochemicals through a second catalytic conversion step known as hydrogenolysis. 

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